Pros~ College coaches typically have access to log into a universal platform and find athletes. Recruiting agencies also (some) have connections with certain college coaches so they can get your athletes information directly to them, if there is a fit.

Cons~ This service is normally extremely expensive (they start with a free account and then the upsell could cost you thousands). Your position or skill set might not be a need for any coaches that the agency might directly know. If a college coach logs into their database you will be one of hundreds of thousands. Can you say……. needle in a haystack? EXACTLY!


Pros~Gives you an opportunity to get directly in front of a group of colleges and show off your talent.

Cons~ The colleges in attendance may not be in need of your particular position. The head coach and/or the recruiting coordinator is typically not present at these events. These events can be extremely costly when you factor in registration and travel. Your athlete needs to stand out from the hundreds (many times over 1,000) that can be in attendance.

your Coach

Pros~If your football program is nationally ranked each year then your team will be seen regularly bu college coaches.

Cons~While colleges might attend your school and games often and while your coach might have “some” relationships with college coaches, your current skill set and/or grades may not be a fit for those schools. Never leave your athletes recruitment in the sole hands of your coach.

hudl link on your twitter

Pros~This allows you to have a FREE platform to showcase your recruiting resume.

Cons~ Although this strategy is currently being used by over 93% of high school football players, it’s highly ineffective for 2 reasons.

  1. How can you drive traffic to your twitter page?

  2. How do you know who actually viewed your hudl page?

    This “flying blind” strategy does not allow you to separate yourself from all the other potential recruits and is not a recipe for success.

On your Own

NEVER would we recommend an athlete handle your recruitment on your own. Would you cut your own hair? Would you fill your own cavity? Would you perform your own surgery? You get our point!



You now have another option…….eRECRUITED.

  • Choose your target schools

  • Connect with college coaches

  • Track whose watching


And the best part…’s about the same cost of going through your favorite drive thru.

No up sell, No contracts, No B.S.

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