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The #1 reason athletes go un-recruited is OBSCURITY. College coaches don’t know who you are. A POWERED resume ELIMINATES OBSCURITY. The problem is that most athletes have resumes that are anything but POWERED. Picture for a moment a car with no gas. Know matter how nice and fast the car is, it’s not going anywhere with gas. If you’re still sitting un-signed maybe you just need some gas in the tank. RECRUITTAPE is the gas that can power your resume and tape.

So what is RECRUITTAPE? Glad you asked. RECRUITTAPE is world class technology that empowers every high school athletes resume and tape.

  • Easily drop in your videos from your favorite platforms

  • Send your resume to college coaches at the push of a button (All NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA pre-loaded)

  • Receive a text alert every time that college coach reads your resume

  • Receive a text alert every time that college coach watches your videos

  • Reply box built in so college coaches can easily reply and you receive text alerts when this happens.

    Are you ready to put some gas in that recruiting resume of yours?  Get started today and let’s get you on the road to recruitment.

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per month

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