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The #1 reason athletes go un-recruited is OBSCURITY. If your athlete is not in the top 3% than college coaches just don’t know who they are. Having a POWERED resume ELIMINATES OBSCURITY. So what is a powered resume? A powered resume is one that can be delivered directly to your target coaches and one that alerts you when your videos are watched.

So sign up below and let the Nation’s #1 Recruiting Software POWER your recruitment.

  • Easily drop in your videos from your favorite platforms

  • Send your resume to college coaches at the push of a button (All NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA & CCCAA Colleges are pre-loaded)

  • Receive a text alert every time that college coach reads your resume

  • Receive a text alert every time that college coach watches your videos

  • Reply box built in so college coaches can easily reply and you receive text alerts when this happens.

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