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Did you know that each year NCAA DI and DII schools give roughly $2.9 BILLION in athletics scholarships. Truth is, many talented and qualified athletes miss out on a piece of the scholarship pie because of a poor game plan or lack of one all together. We here at eRECRUITED have the plan, the technology and the know how already in place. You can say we remove the trial and error from the equation. 

Check out below for some of our features

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Our professional recruitment resumes leave nothing to chance


Your recruitment timeline tracks every step of the way

Some of our membership features include

  • Complete your professional recruitment profile for coaches to see
  • Access to every college at your fingertips
  • Choose your targeted schools and place them in your "My Schools" section.
  • Access to relevant college information like costs, enrollment numbers, questionnaires &  links
  • State of the art tracking of your recruitment process so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Expert advice from our recruitment professionals keeps you ahead of the competition

All in all, your recruitment membership puts you in position to win. 

So how about it, are you ready to get serious about your athletes recruitment? Sign up below and lets start your athlete on the road to recruitment.


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