High school Rec. Membership

So how do you get recruited as a high school athlete without taking a second mortgage or selling a kidney? We've have a proven solution. 

Our Recruitment Membership give you not only the technology to get you in front of college coaches and recruiters but also gives you the know how to walk you through your recruitment process

"As a recruited athlete I know how important it is to be seen by college coaches. Coaching Wall is hands down one of the best when it comes to this".
Katin Reinhardt is only the second player to reach #MarchMadness with three different teams.
(UNLV, USC, Marquette)

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  • Develop your recruitment resume online for coaches to see
  • Exclusive access to coaches & colleges contact information
  • Potential college tracking for your targeted schools & your recruitment process
  • "My University" teaches you how to maximize your recruitment process & potential
  • "Recruitment Tips" gives you inside advice on how stay ahead of the competition
  • Much, much more

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