Coming winter of 2017

Junior Sports Recruitment

A Jr Membership allows young athletes (Grade School to Middle School) to create their very own sports portfolio by having an interactive scoreboard (see below) packed with cool and useful features to help enhance their sports journey while also preparing them for the high school recruitment process well ahead of time.

  • Track & save stats from every season & tournament
  • One hub to store sports pictures, videos & accomplishments forever
  • Set monthly recruitment goals & start developing a habit of discipline
  • Create your own sports profile webpage
  • Parents & family can follow your stats even if they miss a game
  • Raise funds with our integrated fundraising tech & tools
  • Send your recruitment page to club coaches
  • Coaches can create team pages for your next sports season
  • Monthly recruitment tips give you one foot up for high school recruitment


Coming End of 2017

Only $9.99