How to tell if a coach is interested in recruiting you

One thing we can count on, regardless of what state or school we speak in, is hearing from parents this one question.......................I think my kid is being recruited but am not sure. Truth is, from the letters of interest, camp emails, questionnaires and so on, we realize how it can appear that a school or coach is interested in your athlete. Lets break down each one below so you can be sure. 

Letters of Interest-We hear all the time from parents that there athlete is being recruited because they received a letter of interest. Not so fast....Schools send out thousands of letters of interest so just remember that its just a letter to gauge interest and does not mean your athlete is being recruited.

Questionnaires-These can either be filled out on the schools website or sent to you from a coach. Either way we DO recommend that you fill it out. This does a couple things. First it shows the school and coach that you are willing to follow direction. Second, you will be added to the schools email list, which will keep you updated on upcoming events. Receiving a questionnaire in the mail could mean that you are on the coaches radar but doesn't mean that you are being recruited.

Camp Invites-First ask yourself who sent you the invite. Was it a coach or a member of the camp? If a coach want's you to attend a camp that they will be at this is a good sign that they want to see you in action. This doesn't mean your being recruited but its a great step towards that process.

Phone calls or text messages from a coach- YES, if a coach is calling or texting you then odds are they are interested in you. Be prepared for your conversations because you are not the only athlete they are calling. Just as you compete in your sport you will also be competing for that scholarship so practice the process and be prepared!

Invited to an official visit- YES, If a college coach invites you to visit they are interested. Again, practice and be prepared as this could be a great opportunity to stand out

The recruiting process can be overwhelming especially if your doing it without any help. We suggest you don't overthink it, be prepared and have fun. Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.