Every year millions of high school athletes from around the world will seek a college scholarship. The hard truth is, that most will be left out in the cold because there are only so many scholarship offers to go around. There can be many reasons why your athlete did not receive a scholarship offer but we will break it down to 2 main reasons.

First reason is that most high school athletes are not in the top 3%. I will not spend too much time on this as I believe the statement speaks for itself.

The second reason that your athlete might not receive an offer is due to a poor game plan. Seeking a scholarship offer is highly competitive and you cannot just sit around and hope a college coach comes find you. You have to put your athlete in position to win. How can you do that? Below are a few tips.

  • Create a Professional Resume that includes video, metrics, academics, accomplishments, training/team information and an about me section.

  • Get a realistic evaluation of your athletes current talent level

  • Meet with your schools guidance counselor to check grades

  • Take the SAT/ACT

  • Choose a list of target schools that fits your athletes talent level and grades

  • Create a plan to reach out to the recruiting coordinators/coaches from your target schools

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your athletes recruitment. However, you do have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. As my mentor use to always tell me….what ever you track and measure you can improve so track your progress, measure the results and make the necessary adjustments so you can get your athlete on the road to recruitment.